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Change of Prosecutor

The following memo is dated 25 March 2013. Handwritten at the bottom is the decision the following day to approve the deferral for comments.

The prosecutor has been instructed to submit comments regarding the invoice from the plaintiff counsel at the latest by 28 March 3013 [sic].

The case will be handled by vice chief prosecutor Ingrid Isgren at the South prosecution office in Stockholm as of Wednesday 27 March 2013.

A deferral to submit comments until Friday 5 April 2013 has been submitted.

Åke Olsson

The above memo comes from the office of Erika Leijnefors who previously was the assistant of Marianne Ny. There is no specific mention Marianne Ny herself has been replaced. The ‘case’ now assigned to Ingrid Isgren (B-12885-10) is reported to be from the Stockholm District Court 2010-10-18 which in turn led to the arrest warrant 2010-11-12 which led to the European Arrest Warrant.