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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Assange Case as a Gender Trap

Swedish attorney Raoul Smitt today posted an op-ed on the country’s leading jurist website Dagens Juridik regarding the standoff at 3 Hans Crescent. Smitt has himself dealt with similar cases. He shows that not only is there no reason to not proceed with an interrogation of Assange by any means possible, but also that were […]

Too Many Coincidences

Dick Sundevall is editor-in-chief of Magasinet Paragraf (Paragraph Magazine) which opened its doors in April 2012. Sundevall has a long history in investigative journalism and was the first to publish links to the police protocols in the Swedish MSM. He’s now penned a lengthy article on the Assange case entitled “För många tillfälligheter” (“Too Many […]

Why Write It?

Why write a book with the police interrogations in the Assange case when there have been copies available online in English for over two years? Simple. Because not enough people are reading them. It’s not enough to say you support Julian or you’re against him. The case itself is pivotal. It takes but a few […]

Lindskog’s Speech

The people at Flashback are scratching their heads. Now that the University of Adelaide uploaded the 3 April speech of Swedish Supreme Court justice Stefan Lindskog to YouTube and they’ve been able to study it in detail, they think have every reason to. 1. The speech couldn’t have been written by Lindskog. He could hardly […]

Available Now

First impression, of the purpose and execution of the document: excellent. Excellent minimalistic introduction that is a summary. Excellent notes that give the sources for that part. Great translation, and good focus on the week and the case. One thing a book like this can’t afford is to take detours into too many subjects and […]