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Kindle Release

Assange in Sweden: The Police Investigation is now available in Amazon Kindle format at Amazon’s online stores in ten countries.

A press release will follow.

See the purchase page for information on how to get your copy now.

First impression, of the purpose and execution of the document: excellent. Excellent minimalistic introduction that is a summary. Excellent notes that give the sources for that part. Great translation, and good focus on the week and the case. One thing a book like this can’t afford is to take detours into too many subjects and too big subjects, and that is handled greatly.

Great job everyone!

 —BaalZeBub, Flashback forum

Mr. Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden. For minor sexual offenses. He could be questioned in London. These “offenses” would not be considered so elsewhere. Why do they want him in Sweden so very badly?

 —Deborah Black