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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Cracks in the Mirror

Getting facts right is endemic to recording history. Spiegel still have an account of Assange in Sweden riddled with errors. The Stockholm affair began in mid-August with an event held by an organisation tied to the Swedish Social Democrats. True. The ‘Brotherhood’ aren’t often heard of, but they’ve been aligned with the Social Democrats. […]

Operation Persuasion

Take a break for a moment from following NSA revelations and TPP developments and try to recall, if you can, why the leader of Free World should be currently holding up in a South American embassy in Knightsbridge. An earlier well-researched scenario had one of the two Swedish girls (SW) engineering a plot to push […]

Assange in Sweden: The Quick Connection

A lot of people with at least a cursory interest in the case of Assange in Sweden may have run across the name Quick without fully understanding the connection to Julian Assange. The common denominator for both Quick and Assange is a lawyer: a Claes Borgström. It’s this connection – this common denominator – that’s […]