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Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Two Faces of Sofia W

Flashback’s longbow4y jumps right in. Sofia reacted at once when news of Julian’s coming seminar in Sweden was made public, so she must have been following his movements before that. She was activated before the invites were sent out. It’s very likely that someone with adequate resources was following JA and activated Sofia when it […]

Trenter’s Sixteen

Trenterx at the Flashback forum is one of the contributors who’s done the most the longest when it comes to digging up the ugly truth about the case of Assange in Sweden, with an uncanny knack for connecting the dots others have long since forgot (or perhaps never even noticed). Together with work being done […]

She didn’t want to file that complaint

Dick Sundevall is the only Swedish journalist covering the case of Assange in Sweden, and he’s able to do this only because he today runs his own news site. As has been reported at Flashback, many mainstream journalists know there’s something very wrong with the way the case is being handled, but there’s a quiet […]