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The Two Faces of Sofia W

Flashback’s longbow4y jumps right in.

Sofia reacted at once when news of Julian’s coming seminar in Sweden was made public, so she must have been following his movements before that. She was activated before the invites were sent out. It’s very likely that someone with adequate resources was following JA and activated Sofia when it was time. There was no reason for Swedish intel to follow JA before he entered the country, but of course it became high priority once he’d arrived. But by then Sofia had already been activated and contacted the brotherhood and Anna both.

Talk about prescience.

This means Sofia was working on behalf of another country. She disappeared from the face of the earth after the events of August 2010, which is why I’m convinced she was acting on assignment (as opposed to Anna). Most likely Swedish security police who in turn were part of a major international sting operation.

It’s the testimony of Sofia that started the spectacle, and it’s her actions today behind the curtains that drive the case. Yet outwardly she continues to play reluctant and is very meticulous about documenting this reluctance with SMS messages, messages shown to the defence attorneys to give a certain impression of Sofia.

It’s well managed duplicity.

For example, I believe that Sofia’s guarantee that she will participate in a coming court trial, as her esteemed counsel repeatedly points out, is for the purpose of making sure that Anna doesn’t run for it. To really make sure that Anna, a radical feminist, continues to show support for a ‘weak’ woman who needs all the solidarity and help she can get. Who is better suited for that role than Anna? Anna can’t back out and leave a helpless Sofia on her own? If she really is that helpless, that is.

I am more and more convinced that Sofia and her superiors ‘played’ Anna. Should JA come to Sweden, I believe Sofia will back out at the last minute before the trial so as to not be caught in the photo flashes of the media.

Anna is portrayed as the evil mind behind the accusations, but I believe she’s the more naive one, a good girl scout who wishes all women well but who then is exploited mercilessly by skillful politicians and power players when the time is right.

A good tip:

Anna is persuaded by the Social Democratic Party to support ‘poor Sofia’ on 18 or 19 August in order to sort out the acute situation Julian’s presence in the country has caused. The Social Dems are under a lot of pressure from the US, the right wing government, and Swedish intel agencies. This would have been Anna’s first shock, but she was most likely promised remuneration if she helped out. All she needed to do was accompany Sofia to the chosen police station on Friday.

Don’t forget that all election polls picked the Social Dems as the winners. Look at all the social democratic names in this mess of a case.

The Social Dems had to play hardball to save the trust of the US.

So the Swedish security police and the Social Dems hide things from Anna, such as the fact that Sofia is working for the spooks and that Sofia was already activated to create what later happened. Swedish intel were also under pressure from the US and didn’t hesitate to play hardball either.

And then it goes as it goes. The Social Dems lose the election and are out of the game. They don’t have the power to fix the Assange situation – that job goes to the right wing ‘alliance’ who definitely do not want to protect the Social Dems and Anna who’ve so damaged relations with the US.

So Anna is left out in the cold, even in her own party. Rather remarkable. And this despite a desperate ‘talk about it’ campaign run by Sahlin feminists.

Why is it that Anna can be sacrificed in public but Sofia cannot? The obvious answer is that Sofia is on assignment for people who have enormous resources and who think she’s done a good job. Support for Anna erodes because people with enormous resources think she’s done a crappy job.

Sofia played Anna with a nod of approval from the leadership of the Social Democratic Party and right wing alliance. But what’s vital is that Anna not fully realise what’s happened, for if she jumps ship, then the bubble bursts.

It is in this context one should regard the erratic press releases of Elisabeth Massi Fritz where it’s stated that Sofia will of course take part in a coming trial. But this is exactly what Sofia will not be doing. For then the risk of exposure is too great.