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Stockholm district court to consider arrest warrant of Julian Assange

[2014-07-10] Stockholm district court

On Wednesday 16 July, Stockholm district court will consider whether the arrest warrant of Julian Assange should remain or be rescinded.

The hearing begins at 13:00 in hall 37 of the district court in Scheelegatan 7. There are a limited number of seats in hall 37. The hearing can also be followed from a limited number of other neighbouring halls in the court. If the chairman of the court should decide that certain parts of the hearing be held behind closed doors, visitors will be asked to temporarily leave the premises.

Application to attend

Representatives of the mass media who wish to reserve a seat to follow the hearing must register their intentions to the district court beforehand. Applications should be received by Tuesday 15 July 12:00, by email to Camilla Murray, chief administrator, Stockholm district court.

Phone: 08-561 65 136 / +46(0)8-561 65 136
Mobile: 073-271 34 61 / +46(0)73-271 34 61

Please note that visitors to the court must pass through a security checkpoint, so entrance can take longer than expected.

Notice of Court Decision

The court will announce the decision in hall 37 at the end of the hearing.

A brief press release about the decision will, once the decision is announced, be published at the court website Journalists who wish to be sent the press release via email can request this with no later than Tuesday 15 July 12:00.

A written decision will be made available by the court a few days later. This document can also be ordered through


The court would like to point out that taking photos and filming in the courtrooms is not permitted. Cameras and cellphones must be turned off and put away.

Last Modified: 2014-07-10