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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Time to go to London, Marianne Ny!

From the Swedish original by Expressen’s Mats Larsson. The British government have grown tired of the circus surrounding Julian Assange. The message from Great Britain’s vice minister for foreign affairs, to Marianne Ny, couldn’t be clearer. Go to London, for heaven’s sake! Ecuador’s embassy is located in one of London’s best neighbourhoods, a stone’s throw […]

Assange Appeal Prosecutor Response 27 Oct

SVEA COURT OF APPEAL SUBMISSION Dept 01 2014-10-27 Filing 22 Case Ö 8290-14 Sector 0102 AM-131226-10 Julian Assange ./. Söderort Prosecution Authority in Stockholm Re: detention _________________________________________________________________________ RESPONSE We continue to oppose the request that the court of appeal shall rescind the decision for detention of Julian Assange. We have been asked to submit statements […]

Julian Assange prisoner of circumstance

Translated from the Swedish original by Henrik Alexandersson. The WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief is sitting where he’s sitting, at the Ecuador embassy in London. Are there possibly forces that want him to remain there – to minimise his visibility and to disrupt WikiLeaks operations? Assange is afraid that if he’s sent to Sweden, where the […]

John Jones to Per Samuelson

53-54 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LS Telephone 020 7404 1313 Fax 020 7404 2283/84 DK Chancery Lane Email Website 3rd October 2014 Dear Mr. Samuelsson, I am a barrister and Queen’s Counsel, specializing in extradition law at the Bar of England and Wales. I have previously represented Julian Assange in the extradition proceedings […]

Assange Appeal Response

To Svea Court of Appeal Section 1 RESPONSE Case Ö 8290-14: Julian Assange ./. Söderort Prosecution Authority in Stockholm By reason of the Court of Appeal’s order in filing 11 to submit a response to filing 10, we wish to submit the following. 1. INTRODUCTION We note that the prosecutors verify that an obstacle to […]

United Nations expected to criticise Sweden’s record-long detentions

SWEDEN WITH NO UPPER LIMIT — He was incarcerated when he was twenty years old; he’s now celebrated his fourth birthday behind bars. At 1427 days jail time, he’s one of the uncharged suspects who’s spent the longest time in a Swedish remand prison. Twenty people in Sweden have been in prison on pre-trial detention […]