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Re: Developments in case ‘Assange in Sweden’


The undersigned have, since August 2010, conducted an ongoing and thorough investigation of the legal case surrounding Julian Assange in Sweden. It is we who supplied the English translation of the police documents used by the Belmarsh court. And of course we still follow the case closely and with great interest.

On Monday 19 October, journalist Ms Stefania Maurizi of l’Espresso published a tranche of documents she received from the Crown Prosecution Service of Great Britain and the office of Marianne Ny. Those documents show unequivocally that Mr Paul Close of the Crown Prosecution Service, already in 2010, advised Marianne Ny to not pursue a questioning of Julian Assange in Great Britain, as they seemed to agree the case would not hold up.

The cover story is here:

And the revealing FOIA documents are here:

Ms Maurizi’s story was, to say the least, sensational, and it spread quickly around the world, from the Guardian in the UK to mainstream outlets in Australia, to news sites such as teleSUR in the Americas, to Sputnik, to RT, and so forth. Hundreds of news sites covered the story within hours! The story was also picked up by several international celebrities in the social media – the story had, to put it mildly, caused a storm.

Here’s a sampling.

Yet now well into the second week since first publication, the story still hasn’t been seen ANYWHERE in the Swedish media. On the contrary, there seems to be a concerted – some would say a ‘directed’ and deliberate – blackout.

We’ve been checking Google News for Sweden on an hourly basis these past two weeks. We have a list of 150 Swedish news sites to consult. We find no references to the story anywhere, despite it being the biggest news in the case in five years, since the case was moved from Eva Finné to Marianne Ny on 1 September 2010.

Several people have suggested this is because Swedish news sites have been threatened. Others suggest it’s because they’ve been persuaded to not spread the story. Others still suggest that they have been bribed.

So our question to you:

We wondered if you have an opinion in this matter, off the record of course, about how such a strange thing can occur.

We’re also naturally curious as to why you’ve not commented yourself in public about it.

We’re very interested to find out what’s going on, so your reply will be very welcome.

We plan on going public with this story in a few days.

Thanks for your time.
‘The truth will out, the truth wins out’

The above was sent to a number of journalists and jurists in Sweden. So far: no reply.