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Black Friday

16 September 2016: a black Friday. Lauri Love lost in his struggle to stop his current extradition process, and Julian Assange lost in his appeal to quash Marianne Ny’s arrest warrant. The forces of light have been defeated by the forces of darkness, at least for now. Both Love and Assange will appeal today’s rulings.

Westminster Magistrates Court

As reported by the Courage Foundation, judge Nina Tempia granted the US request to extradite Love from the UK, or more specifically:

I will be extraditing Mr Love, by which I mean I will be passing the case to the Secretary of State.

Sarah Harrison, director of the Courage Foundation, responded.

This is a very disappointing ruling, not just for Lauri and his family but for everyone who was angry about what happened to Gary McKinnon. Clear assurances were given that legal changes would prevent the McKinnon situation from happening again and frankly, if the forum bar can’t help Lauri Love, it’s very difficult to understand how it could ever help anyone. This is not what the public was led to believe at the time and it’s not something we should stand for.

Wrangel Palace

The Svea Court of Appeal today published the verdict in the appeal of Julian Assange, after a one-week delay. The full verdict in English is available online.

Assange is to be questioned by Ingrid Isgren and Cecilia Redell on 17 October.