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Ten Years Ago Today

Today, 4 October 2016, marks the 10-year anniversary of WikiLeaks: it’s ten years ago today that the famous domain was registered.

Updated Date: 2015-10-27T17:08:53Z
Creation Date: 2006-10-04T05:54:19Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2018-10-04T05:54:19Z
Registrant ID: CP-13000

A press conference was held in Berlin, hosted by Sarah Harrison and featuring journalists John Goetz and Stefania Maurizi, who both talked of their experience working with the organisation. Julian Assange, who at the last minute canceled an appearance on the embassy balcony, spoke via video link, even as supporters gathered outside.

October Surprise?

Online followers of Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and Jesse Rodriguez saw how the trio hyped the event to speculate that today would mark the release of the ‘October Surprise’ documents incriminating Hillary Clinton – especially Alex Jones, who had earlier interviewed Roger Stone and was sorely disappointed. Rodriguez, producer of ‘Morning Joe’, also speculated that the ‘October Surprise’ would come today.

Assange promised a series of releases over the next ten weeks, but it’s not known if there’ll be any ‘October Surprise’.

At 08:00 AM today, Flashback’s ‘Okynne’ (‘Mischief’) posted the following.

‘WikiLeaks themselves describe what today’s press conference is all about. But other people are talking about the big release, preferably about Hillary Clinton, so I’d expect to soon be reading reports saying that WikiLeaks is a bluff because there are no big releases today.’

Less Than Two Weeks Remain

After a six-year wait, Julian Assange is finally to be questioned on 17 October. Meanwhile, Marianne Ny’s dedicated troll is trying to defend her Alamo.

‘The prosecutor claimed that it was illegal to question Assange at the embassy, and that’s evidently not true. But there’s nothing to indicate this was a direct lie on her part, and not just lack of knowledge. Now we all know it’s legal. An interview has been scheduled.’

Forum veteran ‘the saint’ comments.

‘Can’t you hear how that sounds? Lack of knowledge? So we have a high-ranking prosecutor who claims she doesn’t know that she can question suspects abroad, this despite the fact that it’s routine procedure?

‘What does that tell us about Marianne Ny? What more does she not know? How can a high-ranking prosecutor be so lacking in knowledge?

‘But this can explain how she’s been able to drag her feet for the past six years. The question should instead be why no one’s yanked on her ear before the Supreme Court intervened. And before you say anything: yes they did. But that it took so long brings shame on Sweden.’

Stone on Sweden

Oliver Stone spoke with Erik Augustin Palm about his new movie on Edward Snowden, and he didn’t have any words of praise for a country he once respected.

‘Sweden of today is a grave disappointment. The Europe I knew as a young man was different. There was neutrality. There were sovereign nations. And there wasn’t any EU. People owned their own thoughts. They were free. Today people are frightened of the US. Now they talk about Sweden joining NATO because the Russians are coming.

‘There’s something wrong with Sweden – it’s no longer the country I once respected.’