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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Assange Affair: Marianne Ny Tried to Hide Her Shortcomings

Translated with annotations from the op-ed by Rolf Hillegren for Dagens Juridik. After almost seven years, Marianne Ny has finally closed the preliminary investigation on Julian Assange, an investigation that should never have been reopened in the first place, after it was closed back in 2010 by an experienced prosecutor.1 The reason for my claim […]

Motion to Dismiss

Stockholm District Court Department 1 B 12885-10: Ă…klagaren ./. Julian Assange A. MOTION 1. Julian Assange moves that the warrant be immediately withdrawn. B. GROUNDS 2. Since the arrest matter was last reviewed (by Svea Appeals Court 16 September 2016, supplement 110) the following has transpired: – Questioning of Assange has been completed. – The […]