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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Marianne Ny’s Famous Last Words

The Västerås prosecutor’s office is the office of assistant Ingrid Isgren, and not of Marianne Ny. The blackout of the suspect’s name in the original document is here replaced by ‘XXXXXXXXXXXX’. The identity of case worker 504A-1, repeatedly found on documents related to this case, is not known. The document number should be an indication […]

What was Marianne Ny Trying to Hide?

Stefan Lindgren of the website ‘8 dagar’ (‘8 days’) succeeded in obtaining a document from Marianne Ny. Here’s his story. A curious picture made its way around social media a while back: a letter from Marianne Ny to the authorities in Ecuador, where she touched on ‘practical issues’ concerning the coming interview with Julian Assange. […]