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What was Marianne Ny Trying to Hide?

Stefan Lindgren of the website ‘8 dagar’ (‘8 days’) succeeded in obtaining a document from Marianne Ny. Here’s his story.

A curious picture made its way around social media a while back: a letter from Marianne Ny to the authorities in Ecuador, where she touched on ‘practical issues’ concerning the coming interview with Julian Assange.

But when journalists requested a copy of the letter, she’d blacked out all lines on page 2.

A picture of that page went viral – a perfect picture of Sweden’s ‘openness’ and ‘transparency’.

But now Marianne’s gone and released the document in question anyway. Here it is.

We still know next to nothing about what transpired in that interview, but we do know it wasn’t enough to lead to prosecution, something Ny later blamed on a ‘technicality’, namely that a serving of process would be difficult to carry out. (Since when does a prosecutor drop a case because a serving is difficult?)

Anyway, we now know what Ny blacked out between 28 September 2016 and 2 June 2017, when she finally relented and gave us the document. There’s nothing special here, one might think. Ny is, all things considered, meticulous about detail, and was intent on not letting the coming interview, which she was finally forced to grant after so many years, run out in the sand.

But the final two bullet points are nevertheless interesting: for why was Marianne Ny interested in her representatives, Ingrid Isgren and Cecilia, being able to bring their electronic equipment into the embassy? A laptop and two ‘switched off service phones’?

One can understand the request for the laptop – but ‘switched off service phones’? Did Marianne Ny think the Ecuador authorities weren’t unaware that even a seemingly switched-off phone (as a laptop) can forward information about what’s heard in its vicinity?…/smartphones-nsa-spying/10548601/

And if that was her intent, then who was interested in such information? Could it be the same superpower that benefited the most from Marianne’s six-year delay in the Assange case?

I don’t want to suggest there’s been a conspiracy. In difficult situations one doesn’t need a conspiracy to get high ranking Swedish civil servants to act like guard dogs for an established world order.

Stefan Lindgren


Nickelodion of the Flashback forum has this curious comment.

‘The document shows Marianne Ny to be a control freak. But we already knew that. When JA was to be arrested outside ABF, she was on location in Stockholm and hid in the bushes. When Sofia WilĂ©n was to be interrogated, this was always at a time when Marianne was scheduled to be in Stockholm. And so forth.’

The Translation

Here at last is the translation of Marianne Ny’s bullet points for the Assange interview that took place last November.

  • Is it possible for chief prosecutor Ingrid Isgren to have direct contact via email or telephone with Dr Wilson Toinga or someone else on your team regarding practical matters?

  • How much before the time Dr Wilson Toinga begins the procedure of the granted investigative measures on 17 October should Ingrid Isgren and Cecilia Redell report to the embassy?

  • Is there already now a plan for a possible pause for lunch? Considering that we can expect an extensive media coverage outside the embassy, it won’t be possible for them to, in a swift and simple manner, go out and eat lunch at a restaurant in the vicinity, and we therefore need to make practical preparations so as to prevent this from interfering with the plans we’ve made for judicial assistance.

  • Have you decided when Dr Toinga will at the latest end his work on 17 October?

  • How does Dr Toinga wish us to submit possible followup questions from our side?

  • Can Ingrid Isgren bring along her work computer into the embassy? The electronic dossier of the case is stored on her work computer. It’s desirable that she have access to the dossier during the questioning, or at least during the pauses, if there are any.

  • Is there any objection to Ingrid Isgren and Cecilia Redell bringing their switched-off work phones into the embassy?


    Marianne Ny