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Assange in Sweden

Marianne Ny’s Famous Last Words

The Västerås prosecutor’s office is the office of assistant Ingrid Isgren, and not of Marianne Ny. The blackout of the suspect’s name in the original document is here replaced by ‘XXXXXXXXXXXX’. The identity of case worker 504A-1, repeatedly found on documents related to this case, is not known. The document number should be an indication […]

What was Marianne Ny Trying to Hide?

Stefan Lindgren of the website ‘8 dagar’ (‘8 days’) succeeded in obtaining a document from Marianne Ny. Here’s his story. A curious picture made its way around social media a while back: a letter from Marianne Ny to the authorities in Ecuador, where she touched on ‘practical issues’ concerning the coming interview with Julian Assange. […]

Assange Affair: Marianne Ny Tried to Hide Her Shortcomings

Translated with annotations from the op-ed by Rolf Hillegren for Dagens Juridik. After almost seven years, Marianne Ny has finally closed the preliminary investigation on Julian Assange, an investigation that should never have been reopened in the first place, after it was closed back in 2010 by an experienced prosecutor.1 The reason for my claim […]

Motion to Dismiss

Stockholm District Court Department 1 B 12885-10: Åklagaren ./. Julian Assange A. MOTION 1. Julian Assange moves that the warrant be immediately withdrawn. B. GROUNDS 2. Since the arrest matter was last reviewed (by Svea Appeals Court 16 September 2016, supplement 110) the following has transpired: – Questioning of Assange has been completed. – The […]

Assange: Case Closed

Reprinted from Rixstep. So Julian Assange finally got to submit his statement to the elusive Marianne Ny. Things rolled pretty fast there for a while – it took only 74 months. But now it’s been done. Sabotaged at the last minute again by the bizarre Gothenburg prosecutor who deigned to reopen an investigation that had […]

UN rejects UK appeal on Assange

30 November 2016: Today, the United Nations rejected the United Kingdom’s attempt to appeal the UN’s February ruling in favour of Julian Assange. The decision of 5 February 2016 therefore stands, and the UK and Sweden are once again required to immediately put an end to Mr Assange’s arbitrary detention and afford him monetary compensation. […]

Ten Years Ago Today

Today, 4 October 2016, marks the 10-year anniversary of WikiLeaks: it’s ten years ago today that the famous domain was registered. Updated Date: 2015-10-27T17:08:53Z Creation Date: 2006-10-04T05:54:19Z Registry Expiry Date: 2018-10-04T05:54:19Z Registrant ID: CP-13000 A press conference was held in Berlin, hosted by Sarah Harrison and featuring journalists John Goetz and Stefania Maurizi, who both […]

No Debate

On 17 December 2010, in the wake of their interception of the Swedish police documents in the Assange case sent by Swedish attorney Björn Hurtig to Jennifer Robinson then at FSI, the Guardian published a series of articles, one of which was written by Esther Addley. 17 December 2010 is a long time ago – […]

Black Friday

16 September 2016: a black Friday. Lauri Love lost in his struggle to stop his current extradition process, and Julian Assange lost in his appeal to quash Marianne Ny’s arrest warrant. The forces of light have been defeated by the forces of darkness, at least for now. Both Love and Assange will appeal today’s rulings. […]

Press Release: Assange Files Appeal to Enforce UN Findings

9 August 2016 This morning, Julian Assange filed an appeal at Sweden’s Court of Appeal of Svea, arguing that Sweden must comply with the UN’s February 5th findings that his deprivation of liberty is unlawful and that Sweden must release and compensate him immediately for the harm caused. Despite never having been charged with any […]