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Assange in Sweden


By Planboksbok at the Flashback forum. Now, as our thread runs in low gear through the holiday season, and as our aces at the offices of the country’s prosecution authority hopefully get their act together and undertake their intrepid journey to faraway London to interrogate Julian Assange, perhaps we have some time to reflect on […]

‘Nothing surprises me anymore’

An interview with the original attorney for Julian Assange 1 September 2010. ‘Nothing about this case surprises me anymore. Two prosecutors want to serve a suspicion of rape on my client, whilst a third prosecutor says there are no grounds whatsoever’, says Leif Silbersky, attorney for Julian Assange. Leif Silbersky, Sweden’s most renowned attorney, says […]

Statement by JULIAN ASSANGE upon hearing the expiry of 3 allegations

I am extremely disappointed. There was no need for any of this. I am an innocent man. I haven’t even been charged. From the beginning I offered a simple solution. Come to the embassy to take my statement or promise not to send me to the United States. This Swedish official refused both. She even […]

Statement by Julian Assange Legal Defence Committee

Assange has not been charged in Sweden or the UK. The US Department of Justice is trying to prosecute him for ‘espionage’. This is the reason he was given asylum by Ecuador. He has been confined to the premises of Ecuador’s embassy in London, unable to see his family, because the UK and Sweden refuse […]

Marianne Ny Presser After City Court Ruling 2014

From 16 July 2014, this is Marianne Ny’s press conference after the lower city court in Stockholm rubber-stamped her refusal to quash the warrant against Julian Assange, despite nothing happening in the case; much has changed in the year since. [00:00] Marianne Ny (MN): Stockholms tingsrätt har idag hållit häktningsförhandling och prövat beslutet om Julian […]

In the Coming Days

The statute of limitations on three of the four allegations against Julian Assange is set to expire ‘in the coming days’. This morning, veteran reporter John Chrispinsson (JC) welcomed Assange attorney Thomas Olsson (TO) to the SVT studio for a discussion of where things are likely to go from here. JC: Now we’re moving onto […]

Five Minutes to Midnight for Marianne Ny in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Time is running out for Marianne Ny. Sweden’s erratic prosecutor waited nearly five years to interrogate Julian Assange until a Swedish court scolded her, and now, through her own bloopers, can’t even effect an interrogation at the last minute. Her initial plan was to have Ingrid Isgren at the Ecuador embassy in June, but as […]

Prosecutor cancels Assange meeting

I have now been detained without charge for 1650 days. This afternoon, the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny cancelled a prospective appointment to take my statement today. We proposed the dates and Ny accepted them. Prosecutor Ny led my lawyers to believe that the appointment was proceeding. My lawyers had booked tickets and I have been […]

Supreme court decision 11 May 2015 (dissenting opinion)

THE SUPREME COURT’S DECISION Case Ö 5880-14 announced in Stockholm 11 May 2015 APPELLANT JA Representative: Attorney TO Representative: Attorney PES ADVERSARY Prosecutor-General Box 5553 114 85 Stockholm CONCERNING Detention DECISION APPEALED Decision of Svea Court of Appeal 2014-11-20, case Ö 8290-14 __________ THE SUPREME COURT’S DECISION The Supreme Court rejects the appeal. THE MOTION […]

Supreme court appeal review

PROTOCOLFor appeal reviewDATE OF RULING2015-04-28 Stockholm File 32Case Ö 5880-14 JUSTICES PRESENT Ann-Christine Lindeblad, Gudmund Toijer (referend), Ingemar Persson, Svante O Johansson and Lars Edlund PRESENTER, KEEPER OF MINUTES Charlotte Edvardsson APPELLANT Julian Assange, 710703 Deprivation of liberty: detained in absentia Ecuador Embassy London Flat 3 B, 3 Hans Crescent London, SW1X 0NT Great Britain […]